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Next Rum Barrel Rum Club meeting:
Wednesday, October 29  500 - 730 PM



MOTM 2014 - 8th Annual RUM BARREL RUMFEST!
The Rum Barrel, Key West  
Half Shell Raw Bar, Key West 

Free Rum Tastings, Cocktail Specials,
and Great Music!
I'm thrilled to host this funfunfun event for EIGHT consecutive years.  
Can't wait to see my Parrot Head friends again!!

Sponsored by

Prichard's Rums    Atlantico Rums 

Half Shell Raw Bar
Wednesday, 10/29     11 AM - 1 PM     
Rum Daddy's School of Rum.  Free rum tasting!

Rum Barrel
Free rum tasting and special prices on cocktails!

Thursday, 10/30     1 - 5 PM     Music by John Friday
Friday, 10/31     1 - 5 PM     Music by Loren Davidson
Saturday, 11/1     Noon - 5 PM     Music by Tall Paul, CalypsoNuts, and Girlz Rule


The Rum Daddy showed off rums & rum cocktails at Bella Michaels's Restaurant in Oneonta, NY on Wednesday July 16!

We'll be helping out at a great fundraiser for Heart of the Catskills SPCA on Thursday July 17 in Walton, NY, in memory of a great friend and "rum sister", Renee Ripa.

Pre-Party for the Jimmy Buffett Show at Woodstock!
Private Event, Saturday July 19.

Wednesday, July 9  530 - 730 PM
We featured

Prichard's Key Lime Rum & Peach Mango Rum!
Chef Tommy created some great crudites along with Prichard's Peach Mango Meatballs.  Doc came over from Key West Legal Distillery to lend a hand, and the folks really enjoyed the rums from these two American Distilleries!

A heartfelt, sincere thanks to Phil Prichard and Prichard's Rums
for supporting The Rum Daddy 

Prichard's Crystal Rum  
Prichard's Key Lime Rum  
Prichard's Peach Mango Rum  
Prichard's Infused Cranberry Rum  
Prichard's Cranberry Rum  
Prichard's Fine Rum  
Prichard's Private Stock Rum

Great crowd at the latest Rum Barrel Rum Club
Wednesday, June 18  530 - 730
Celebrate Summer with Fresh Fruit Cocktails!
Chef Tommy Cote whipped up his usual lineup of great small plates (always complimentary for Rum Club members), and, as always, a surprise rum from my personal stock!

Just posted a review on a brand new rum!
105 Simonton Rum
from that creative mad scientist Chef Paul Menta and his
Key West First Legal Distillery!
105 is nummy - click on the link above for my review!


Check out this link for an online Rum Special by my friends
 at Potomac Wines & Spirits!
Brugal Especial Rum


Prichard's Key Lime Rum
Enjoy my review of this great cocktail rum!

Kaua'i Coconut Rum
Nummy!  check out my review above!



Thank you Parrot Heads!

This year's Rum Barrel Rum Fest ROCKED!  
Big thanks to Prichard's Rums and
Barritt's Ginger Beer!

More pix on my facebook page!

A big thanks to the great musicians!
Thursday Oct. 31      John Friday!

Friday Nov. 1   Jimmy & the Parrots!

Saturday Nov. 2    
Tall Paul, Kristie Bobal, the Calypso Nuts! 

The Rum Barrel
Key West


The BEER AND RUM DINNER at Pat Croce's Rum Barrel Key West was a HUGE hit!  It was great to be part of the
Key West Brewfest week of events!  

Pat Croce's  Rum Barrel Rum Club Key West met on Tuesday 2/26 
from 5 to 7ish PM for "RUMS OF ST. LUCIA"
and those popular $5 cocktails available ONLY during the meeting!

      A big thanks to Clyde Davis and St. Lucia Distillers!

As always, open to the public, and the public came in!! They learned about St. Lucia Rums, and imbibe our signature Rum Club cocktails!  Go to my "Rum Barrel Rum Club" link for our lineup and all the pictures - see if you're there!

A special thanks to Pat and Diane Croce for attending and mixing in with the fun!  Thanks, PC!
Just a few musician friends, dropping by 
for some Rums.....
Jim Morris, John Patti, and Jimi Pappas
came by Casa Artrip for an impromptu rum tasting prior to their 2/9 gig at Margaritaville Key West 
(I bet they went to the gig primed to perform!!) 
These guys are great musicians and performers, as their legions of fans already know.  Last gig in KW this week is Sunday 2/10 -
check them out if you're in town, and find them near you!

Jim Morris
Jimi Pappas 
John Patti

Cherri and I had a blast with our musician friends.  Just a few sips, no heavy pours - honest.  The rums?
Havana Club from Cuba 
Chairman's Reserve from St. Lucia
Admiral Rodney from St. Lucia
Prichard's Fine Rum from Tennessee
Ron Diplomatico from Venezuela
Panama Red from Panama
Atlantico Private Cask from Dominican Republic
Cockspur Five Year from Barbados
Negrita from Martinique/France

Can't wait to do it again, boys!

Don't accept substitutes like the imitation above!  There's only one, true Rum Daddy!  And I'm better looking, anyway!
The Rum Barrel, Key West
Monday 10/29 - Saturday 11/3, 2012.
Can't wait for next year!!
A big shout out to the the Rum Barrel, and our great sponsors:




Big thanks again to Pat Croce's Rum Barrel!

Paul Artrip "The Rum Daddy" is a rum judge in the USA and UK, and performs spirits/cocktail focused marketing.  His client list includes numerous distilleries and cocktail mixer producers.
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